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Updated: Nov 10, 2018

My new song 'Quietly', the first to be released in collaboration with Veta Records, is out now!

The song was inspired by feeling overwhelmed by the constant noise of the world, and wanting to find a space among the madness to just be quiet. It reflects what it can be like when you stop and listen to what's going on inside yourself - it can be calming and grounding yes, but also terrifying. Produced and arranged alongside Matt Harris, the song also features Anna Eichholz and Felix Buchner weaving some magic on violins and double bass.

You can stream 'Quietly' on Spotify, and if you like it I would be eternally grateful if you could share it, save it to your library and add it to your playlists - it really does make the world of difference! If you're not a Spotify-er you can also get it on iTunes and Soundcloud.

But that's not all - there's a video too! I've been a longtime fan of Myles O'Reilly's creations, and getting to work with him on this was a little bit like stepping into an enchanted alternate reality for a while. We wanted to capture the erratic nature of this crazy existence of ours; the calm and the chaos, the beauty and the madness, the complex reality you create in your mind and then project out onto the world around you.

It's been so lovely hearing from you all about the different ways in which the song and video resonate with you. Thank you for lending me your ears and minds! I can't wait to share more new music with you.

Sive x

“There is a new, quiet confidence in ‘Quietly’ that seems to mark Sive’s true arrival to herself.” - Nialler 9

"A beautifully organic return from Sive." - The Last Mixed Tape

“With an all-embracing and lush delicacy, a powerful yet tender vocal, orchestral strings and a grandiose panorama of atmospheric vivacity, Sive has returned in the most arresting manner.” - Remy

“Has you feeling like you’re transcending into space and time – as if you’re getting so lost in Sive’s enchanting voice, you forget everything around you.” - Bitter Sweet Symphonies

"A compelling work of neo-progressive alt-folk...richly melodic, rhythmically intriguing, 'Quietly' gets full marks.” - Earthly Pleasures

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